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Published in : 2017-01-26 | by Swedish Homestead
For those of you who enjoy the process. This is 6min 30sec of uncut forestry work while thinning our forest. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FOR ...
Published in : 2016-11-27 | by Swedish Homestead
Our neighbors had a big wood chipper come and chip up their branches. We got to get close to the machines and talk to the driver for a little bit.
Published in : 2018-01-29 | by Swedish Homestead
Forest management is an art and hard work. As a professional lumberjack and arborist Tim knows what he is doing and is leaving a healing touch on nature.
Published in : 2017-01-26 | by Swedish Homestead
Firewood is a natural byproduct in our forest management system. Learn more about how we do it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FOR RESOURCES !
Published in : 2017-01-06 | by Swedish Homestead
If you are ever in the forest and drove your chain into a rock you might know that it is not the easiest thing to sharpen it again without a vice. Here we are ...
Published in : 2018-11-07 | by Swedish Homestead
We are testing the LogOx 3 in 1 multi tool. It is a cant hook, hauler and timberjack. We also have the holster and pickaroon attachment. This product was shipped ...
Published in : 2017-09-15 | by Swedish Homestead
Here are a some tips and tricks that I find helpful when working with a clearing saw. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK 'SHOW MORE' FOR RESOURCES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ...
Published in : 2018-06-25 | by Swedish Homestead
A major predator attack on our breeding flock killed all the roosters and half of the chickens... Music by Epidemic Sound ( Follow ...
Published in : 2017-01-16 | by Swedish Homestead
This is part 2 of our series: Log to board. We are using our Kranman ATV trailer to haul out some logs and bring them to our Woodmizer band sawmill.
Published in : 2017-06-22 | by Swedish Homestead
Never cut into a log or tree with the tip of your saw bar. Did I make this mistake in one of my videos? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK 'SHOW ...