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Published in : 2016-03-01 | by City of Greater Dandenong
This short video explains the difference between the Federal, State and Local Governments in Australia, how councillors are elected and what they do. For more ...
Published in : 2014-01-16 | by Florida Virtual School
Learn about democracy, oligarchy, and autocracy - the three main types of government.
Published in : 2018-03-20 | by LibertyPen
Professor Friedman offers a dose of reality while explaining government's four legitimate functions.
Published in : 2017-03-26 | by Susan Evans
Skits on the types of government: dictatorship, oligarchy, monarchy, republic, democracy, and anarchy. This is the first in a series of videos on high school ...
Published in : 2016-06-03 | by DeLoG Secretariat
Why is the subnational level so important and how can decentralisation reforms help achieving the SDGs? This Video explains it in two and a half minutes.
Published in : 2018-06-22 | by mad Video Marketing
"HEAR ABOUT What Are The Four Types Of Committees And What Do They Do? LIST OF RELATED VIDEOS OF What Are The Four Types Of Committees And ...
Published in : 2012-10-15 | by Zig Baird
Keegan and his puppets explain 4 different types of government.
Published in : 2013-04-12 | by TED-Ed
View full lesson: Article II of the United States Constitution ...
Published in : 2018-07-14 | by Shirley Husar
Please donate to We need your support today. DO YOU KNOW WHO ARE YOUR LOCAL, STATE AND FEDERAL LEADERS?
Published in : 2012-12-07 | by Amanda Neal
Matthew's video report for history.
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