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Published in : 2018-07-25 | by Company Man
General Electric has helped shape the society we have today. 126 years of invention and innovation that all started with Thomas Edison, yet today they're ...
Published in : 2018-12-19 | by Company Man
Remember a few years ago when Hostess abruptly shut down and everyone was going crazy over all the Twinkies disappearing? Here's what was happening.
Published in : 2019-05-22 | by Company Man
Quiznos has fallen on some hard times. It's gone from 5000 locations to 800 in a little over a decade. This video attempts to explain what happened. To submit ...
Published in : 2019-01-16 | by Company Man
Cracker Barrel is one of a kind and today is one of the largest restaurant chains in existence. This video takes a look at how they used some unique tactics to ...
Published in : 2018-09-12 | by Company Man
New Patreon: Woolworth was one of the largest retailers of their time and today are completely gone, in the U.S. anyway.
Published in : 2019-05-15 | by Company Man
Thanks for a terrific 2 years everyone. I'm releasing this video as part of the celebration, it was one of the first videos I ever made almost 2 years ago so please ...
Published in : 2018-08-15 | by Company Man
Ever since I released a video about why Carls Jr. and Hardee's go by two different names, I've been receiving an overwhelming number of people suggesting I ...
Published in : 2019-01-09 | by Company Man
Champion is a clothing brand that was really popular in the 80's and 90's, fell off tremendously soon after, and has recently been making a comeback.
Published in : 2019-05-08 | by Company Man
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Published in : 2017-09-06 | by Company Man
When we think of disposable cups, we think of Solo. It hasn't exactly been one of the big headlines but there's been quite a bit happening to the company, and ...