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Published in : 2016-04-14 | by CNN Business
With presidential candidate Bernie Sanders criticizing General Electric for sending U.S. jobs overseas and 'avoiding' taxes, CNNMoney's Cristina Alesci takes a ...
Published in : 2017-11-15 | by CNN Business
A storied company that's over a century old, General Electric is slashing its stock dividend and getting even smaller by selling some of its iconic businesses.
Published in : 2018-05-04 | by CNN Business
General Electric invented thousands of products that changed life in America. Now its recent troubles have some worried its future isn't so bright.
Published in : 2011-08-31 | by CNN Business
Inside the EPA's $1 billion settlement with GE to dredge the company's chemicals from the river's bottom so fishing might someday return.
Published in : 2012-04-06 | by CNN Business
General Electric is hiring in Kentucky as it moves some appliance manufacturing back to the U.S..
Published in : 2017-11-13 | by CNN Business
General Electric has announced plans to sell off its light bulb division by 2019. CNN Tech takes a look back at what the bulb business has meant for the ...
Published in : 2015-09-10 | by CNN Business
Nuclear fusion is the 'silver bullet' energy solution, but making it work is a near impossible task.
Published in : 2010-07-16 | by CNN Business
Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric explains the motives behind his company's newly launched venture fund.
Published in : 2013-01-18 | by CNN Business
Shares of General Electric are up after the company beat expectations thanks to strength in its industrial units.
Published in : 2011-02-08 | by CNN Business
GE gives CNNMoney a tour of its renewable energy lab where the company is working on carbon capture, battery and solar panel technology.