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Published in : 2014-08-01 | by Red Bull
The sport of Handball dates back to the beginning of human civilization and over the centuries has been a sport for all classes. Today handball is one of the most ...
Published in : 2014-12-26 | by Olympic
Everything you need to know about Olympic Handball. Fiercely contested, tactical, skillful and with goals galore, handball is an exciting spectacle. Field handball ...
Published in : 2017-10-10 | by UPL -United Powerball League
Handball was first played on a field at the 1936 summer Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2016, the United Powerball League is the only league ...
Published in : 2014-04-02 | by IHF
Do you want to know how it was in the old days? Enjoy this video clip of the 1959 Field Handball World Championship, which took place in Austria.
Published in : 2019-03-22 | by Handball Hour
We look back at how out sport started and at the players who took to the court for the first time to mould it into the game we have today!
Published in : 2014-12-30 | by Ninh Ly
Ninh explains the Rules of Handball. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Handball. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Team Handball in Europe is ...
Published in : 2016-11-05 | by František Kubásek
Unbelieveable save by czech goalkeeper Martin Galia (Czech republic 35 - 28 Macedonia, 5.11.2016,)
Published in : 2019-01-18 | by Olympic
Check out these amazing men's Handball Goals from throughout the history of the Olympic Games! Featuring unforgettable goals from Niksa Kaleb from Croatia, ...
Published in : 2016-08-26 | by Music MIX
One of the most iconic and dramatic moments in Olympic handball history goes back into 2008 when Denmark was behind Russia for one goal just 30 seconds ...
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