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Published in : 2010-02-21 | by LonesomePaleRider
Lyrics Girl, you taught me how to hurt real bad And cry myself to sleep And showed me how this town can shatter dreams Another lesson 'bout a naive fool Who ...
Published in : 2010-03-10 | by LonesomePaleRider
Lyrics: You keep calling me On the telephone You say you're all alone Well that's real sad And you keep leavin' Notes stuck on my door Guess you're hungry for ...
Published in : 2010-02-22 | by LonesomePaleRider
Lyrics: I'm a thousand miles from nowhere, Time don't matter to me. 'Cause I'm a thousand miles from nowhere, And there's no place I wanna be.
Published in : 2010-07-16 | by LonesomePaleRider
A secret "what if" roster for Mortal Kombat 2.
Published in : 2010-03-16 | by LonesomePaleRider
This was the song B.B. King sang on Married With Children when Buck was roaming the streets in search of food. Lyrics I was born in the junkyard, A child of the ...
Published in : 2010-03-05 | by LonesomePaleRider
One of Bob Marley's greatest songs and my personal favorite.
Published in : 2010-02-20 | by LonesomePaleRider
This the Original version of Anna sung by Arthur Alexander and not The Beatles. Seriously fuck The Beatles. People talk about how great they were but if they go ...
Published in : 2010-03-09 | by LonesomePaleRider
I've heard people say that... Too much of anything is not good for you, baby. But I don't know about that. As many times that we've loved, We've shared love, and ...