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Published in : 2012-08-30 | by Sutter Health
Are you interested in exploring alternative healthcare options? Alternative medicine, such as acupuncute offers great options to patients looking for natural ...
Published in : 2009-04-28 | by Sutter Health
Dr. Helen Ye of California Pacific Medical Center, San Francisco talks about accupucture.
Published in : 2008-05-13 | by Mayo Clinic
Herbal supplements, acupuncture, chiropractics and massage. It used to be that alternative therapies like these were ignored by many doctors. But that's ...
Published in : 2011-03-12 | by ehowhealth
Nose soreness has many causes which can be addressed by acupressure. Relieve a sore nose with the help of an acupuncture physician in this free video.
Published in : 2009-03-02 | by ehowhealth
Gastric bypass surgery can be avoided with proper nutrition and exercising with free weights, performing cardiovascular exercises and getting increased ...
Published in : 2017-01-25 | by Dr. Gundry
Cardiac Surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry explains how soda – even diet soda – is destroying your health and making you fat. Plus, he reveals his unique recipe for a ...
Published in : 2013-05-07 | by MonkeySee
Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine describes why alternative therapies like aromatherapy, acupuncture and massage can help fix health problems.
Published in : 2010-07-10 | by ATMC Videos This video explains the Alternative to Meds Center program, covering natural mental health and Orthomolecular medicine.
Published in : 2018-01-15 | by Tasty
Buy the Tasty Cookbook Today: Get the recipe: Check us out on Facebook!
Published in : 2018-08-04 | by LifeHackz
4 Healthy Alternatives to Coffee for All-Day Energy. With a Starbucks on every corner, and trendy coffee shop pictures dominating your Instagram feed, it's easy ...
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