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In this scene, Hector says goodbye to his family and friends before leaving to the oblivion.
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Achilles sent his beloved Patroclus into the fray dressed in his armor. The Trojans saw Achilles' insignia and assumed Patroclus was Achilles, which made him a ...
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Troy debates about the war that's coming at them.
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this vidio from troy movie ,part of the hectors burning ,the prima bring his body for his kingdom,
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Priam asks Achilles for the right to give Hector a proper burial. From the Warner Bros. film - "Troy"
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This part is from the Director's Cut version of Troy which is about 30 minutes longer than the original. Prince Hector talks with Menelaus in Sparta.
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"If I die...I don't know how long the city will stand." Studying Greek tragedians was one of the best pleasures of attending a high school focused on ancient ...
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Troy #Achilles #BradPitt Elliot Goldenthal - JD Dies. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for -fair use- for ...
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"Onun bedenini yıkayım. Ona dualar edeyim" Bu tıpkı binlerce yıl sonra gelen dinlere benziyor... Her zaman inandığımız hep aynıydı çünkü O hep vardı.