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Big thanks to patreon pledger Allen W. Barton for requesting this subject! We've spent enough time dabbling in the greek mythosphere, I think it's high time we ...
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A video lecture on Hesiod and his major works, "Theogony" and "Works and Days"
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Works and Days, The Theogony, and The Shield of Heracles - HESIOD Audiobook Chapter Time Works and Days 00:00:00 The Theogony 00:51:27 The Shield ...
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Get a FREE mythology bundle ebook covering Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology here: This video on Greek ...
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Origin of the Greek gods as told by Hesiod's Theogony.
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We read and discuss Hesiod's great epic on the origins and adventures of the Greek gods.
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Today on Crash Course Mythology we're starting in on creation stories. This week, we'll focus on the creation of the universe out of nothing, or Ex Nihlio creation.
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GreekMythology #CreationMyth #Mythology #Titans #Theogony.
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The Beginning of the World and the Bloodline and Ancestry of the Gods) The Theogony [Mythology Audiobook] by Hesiod. The Beginning of the World and the ...