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Published in : 2017-07-08 | by Professor RSP
A video lecture on Hesiod and his major works, "Theogony" and "Works and Days"
Published in : 2016-11-14 | by Laura K. J. Swann
An irreverent (abridged) look at a Greek classic: Hesiod's Works and Days. Translated by Stanley Lombardo Subtitles available!
Published in : 2014-02-03 | by Aliisa Roe
Origin of the Greek gods as told by Hesiod's Theogony.
Published in : 2018-01-18 | by Fanny Bean
A video lecture on Hesiod and his major works, Theogony and Works and Days Voice of the common man. The Beginning of the World and the Bloodline and ...
Published in : 2017-08-02 | by alpha4IV
I took a day off to let a minor injury heal up & I re-read one of my favorite mythology books. Come discuss it with me.
Published in : 2015-09-29 | by Good Audio Books
Works and Days, The Theogony, and The Shield of Heracles - HESIOD Audiobook Chapter Time Works and Days 00:00:00 The Theogony 00:51:27 The Shield ...
Published in : 2016-06-17 | by Channel 514
We begin reading through Hesiod's "other" great poem. Our poet sings of many things while passing on wisdom to his brother Perses. Like "Theogony," the ...
Published in : 2018-03-26 | by Ancient Greece R
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Published in : 2018-11-30 | by Overly Sarcastic Productions
Big thanks to patreon pledger Allen W. Barton for requesting this subject! We've spent enough time dabbling in the greek mythosphere, I think it's high time we ...