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Published in : 2011-04-19 | by mathantics Here is the video mentioned about converting Base-10 fractions: Here is the video ...
Published in : 2013-05-14 | by tecmath
To go to the fractions playlist follow this link: In this math lesson, we learn to use division to convert fractions into ...
Published in : 2007-04-09 | by Khan Academy
How to express a fraction as a decimal Practice this lesson yourself on right now: ...
Published in : 2018-04-17 | by The Organic Chemistry Tutor
This math video tutorial explains how to convert mixed numbers to decimals. Subscribe: ...
Published in : 2012-04-17 | by mathantics
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Published in : 2016-09-08 | by The Organic Chemistry Tutor
This math video tutorial explains how to convert fractions to decimals for kids in 4th grade, 5th grade, or 6th grade without a calculator the easy way.
Published in : 2014-08-05 | by BroandSisMathClub
In this video, you will learn how to convert fractions in to decimals. Fraction to Decimal Conversion is very easy as long as you take it step by step and use the ...
Published in : 2012-05-23 | by Math Meeting
More decimal to fraction, step by step, examples. For all free math videos visit
Published in : 2013-04-16 | by Joel Tutors Math
This lesson includes four examples of converting fractions to decimal. There is simply 3/8 = 0.375; an improper fraction; a repeating decimal 2/9 = 0.2222; and a ...
Published in : 2013-07-12 | by apprenticemath
Convert one format to another and back. Skills can also apply to inches, feet, meters, seconds, really any unit of measurement.
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