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Published in : 2011-04-19 | by mathantics Here is the video mentioned about converting Base-10 fractions: Here is the video mentioned about decimal numbers: http://www.y...
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To go to the fractions playlist follow this link: In this math lesson, we learn to use division to convert fractions into their decimal form. This...
Published in : 2007-04-09 | by Khan Academy
How to express a fraction as a decimal Practice this lesson yourself on right now:
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Enjoy our growing library of math videos at Lesson Plan and Materials Below: VIDEO'S LESSON PLAN & ACTIVITIES:
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Decimal to fraction, step by step, example. For all free math videos visit
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Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo math expert Julie Clark explains how to convert fractions into decimals. Method #1 --------------------------------...
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Learn how to convert between decimals, fractions and percentages. Numbers can be converted between decimals, fractions and percents. To convert a number written in decimals to fractions, we...
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This lesson includes four examples of converting fractions to decimal. There is simply 3/8 = 0.375; an improper fraction; a repeating decimal 2/9 = 0.2222; and a decimal which neither repeats...
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Converting fractions to decimals sometimes requires us to brush up on our long division skills. We'll walk you through it. Practice this lesson yourself on right now: https://www.k...