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August 2005 Fiji's 2000 coup divided the island along racial and religious lines. Now there are concerns politicians are stirring up religious animosities for ...
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Uploaded July 11, 2014 10:42 PM A Basic Overview of United Methodist Doctrine Bibliography The United Methodist Hymnal. (1990). Nashville: United ...
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Seriously though, puns aside, this place actually has some cool stuff going on. So go ahead. Take a look at ...Djibouti. SUBSCRIBE: BTS ...
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What do you get when you cross colonialism with a post-slavery legislation? Hmmm....... We now have a Public mailbox! Feel free to send anything via mail!
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On location in Solomon Islands | The dangers of sugary drinks | Taking pills while you're pregnant | The challenge of Islam | Stay in touch: Email ...
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Great to all the Peopel on this nice planet. No seperate between race, religion, color and nation. We are all equel in fraternety! A Afghanistan Albania Algeria ...
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Soccer is religion to all Solomon Islanders. Its regarded as the countries national sport.
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A religiously-motivated attack in Indonesia has left two men dead and dozens of homes torched.
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The smuggling of endangered wildlife, both dead and alive, is a billion dollar global business, second only in size to the illegal arms and drug trades. American ...