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Published in : 2016-08-01 | by A-Janaika Japan
Get original Samurai Armor made for you here: The samurai era from 1185 AD to 1868 AD was a defining ...
Published in : 2016-05-04 | by ZNA Productions
Here's my first ever leg armor build!... Kinda.... I explain in the video. Super sweet preview to mine and Matt's collab video at the end of this video!
Published in : 2017-04-10 | by Polly Plastics
Thomas undertakes his most epic project yet - making a full set of Samurai armor. This first video covers how to craft the Kabuto helmet using common materials ...
Published in : 2015-10-30 | by Samurai Armor
How does Samurai Armor from the Iron Mountain Armory stand up to actual combat? Against the katana, yari, yumi, ju-jitsu, and real weapons used by samurai?
Published in : 2014-10-02 | by Adam Savage’s Tested
Note: you can also download a PDF copy of the Prop Store auction catalog here: Adam invites us to ...
Published in : 2011-09-10 | by ninjaboyhiggins
A quick has an actual mempo now not a cheap 300 mask...i'll post another one after it is done maybe. This video will be a little boaring...if you just want a ...
Published in : 2015-11-06 | by Thumrong Kijsawangwong
เข้ามาร่วมกับพวกเราที่ Facebook/สมาคมนักทำเกราะซามูไร.
Published in : 2017-06-09 | by Akechi
Unboxing my new suite of iron mountain samurai armor. ...Wow my beard doesn't look good on camera….oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Published in : 2014-12-13 | by Ruog
Os enseño como hacer vuestra pechera para vuestra armadura samurai, Está parte en foto y parte en videos y os doy algunos consejos sobre como acelerar la ...
Published in : 2007-07-23 | by Indy Mogul
BFX reproduces the ornate armor of the Samurai for under $50. Build plans here: ----- If you have a request for BFX send ...