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Published in : 2008-11-09 | by swimmer39274
As of Nov 2008, this is still the current World Record, 3:40.08, set at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in the Manchester Aquatics Centre, England UK.
Published in : 2007-08-01 | by swimmer39274
Slow motion of Ian Thorpe from underwater during his 400m freestyle world record swim at the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Runs at approx 1/4 speed.
Published in : 2008-11-04 | by swimmer39274
Kieren Perkins 400m Freestyle World Record at the 1994 World LC Championships. His record of 3:43.80 is a superb time even by 2008 standards, and wasn't ...
Published in : 2008-08-16 | by swimmer39274
Just seen the 2008 final where Phelps beat Cavic by 0.01? See how Phelps did almost the same thing in 2004, beating Ian Crocker by 0.04.
Published in : 2007-08-01 | by swimmer39274
Slow motion (1/4 speed) of David Davies in the 1500m freestyle at the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
Published in : 2007-10-10 | by swimmer39274
Continuing the theme of silly comparisons, me vs Grant Hackett in a virtual head to head, the first 200m of a 1500m race.
Published in : 2007-08-01 | by swimmer39274
Mateusz Sawrymowicz slow motion (1/4 speed) while winning the 1500m freestyle at the 2007 World Championships.
Published in : 2010-02-12 | by swimmer39274
Footage from the 2004 World SC Champs. Michael Phelps on the left, Canadian Richard Say on the right. Phelps won in 1:43.59.
Published in : 2011-04-26 | by swimmer39274
Rebecca Adlington underwater footage from her gold medal swim at the 2008 Olympics, in a new World Record time of 8:14.10.
Published in : 2008-04-10 | by swimmer39274
Watch the back to breast turn from below the water - does it look legal to you?