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Difference between every day and economic notions of investment and consumption Watch the next lesson: ...
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A new econ video every Tuesday! In this video I explan the two multipliers that you will see in a standard macroeconomics course: The Spending Multiplier and ...
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This short tutorial video looks at some of the factors that determine capital investment and also the significance of a rise in investment for the macroeconomy.
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Use a diagram to indicate what happens to the equilibrium level of output and income if the level of investment spending declines.
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The market for loanable funds brings savers and borrowers together. We can also represent the same idea using a mathematical model. In this video, learn ...
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Graphing and interpreting the investment spending formula.
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Assignment 02 Sem 02 2011 Question 10 Why an increase in government spending leads ot a decrease in investment spending in the AS-Ad mdoel. It is also ...