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Published in : 2018-01-11 | by Eric Winchenbach
Published in : 2013-10-17 | by IBMmobilefr
Jerry Cuomo explaining the steps to create systems of interaction.
Published in : 2014-10-16 | by Jerry Cuomo
Overview of Jerry Cuomo's Mood Tie from Jerry's IMPACT 2014 keynote. The tie is an example of a wearable created to demonstrate IBM's Internet of Things ...
Published in : 2015-07-10 | by Hugo Montero
Video de la presentación de Jerry Cuomo (IBM) sobre como IBM define la Transformación Digital usando el ejemplo de la aplicación móvil JoinPay. - Solo los 2 ...
Published in : 2009-04-09 | by friendsofIMPACT
Jerry Cuomo invites you to get together with him and other IBM technical experts at Impact. It's the place for WebSphere and SOA news, networking, education.
Published in : 2013-10-16 | by IBMmobilefr
Jerry Cuomo explains the steps to create systems of interaction.
Published in : 2009-02-20 | by NCTar
Published in : 2015-07-26 | by Hugo Montero
Portuguese subtitles version video about Digital Transformation from Interconnect 2015 by Jerry Cuomo. Thanks to Paulo Renato for the Subs translation...
Published in : 2015-02-25 | by Jerry Cuomo
A mock-umentry of how BMI helps Mind The Gap understand how their community of fans use their music. BMI is an IBM customer, that is using IBM Smarter ...
Published in : 2019-04-17 | by CNN
CNN's Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon discuss Attorney General William Barr's decision that some asylum seekers who have established credible fear and are ...
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