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Published in : 2017-05-16 | by ImYourGhost
James Comey graduated from the College in 1982, majoring in (chemistry) and religion. John Doe #2 was taller than Timothy. Timothy was 6ft 3, Comey is 6ft 8.
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PART II - Ex-billionaire Timothy Blixseth explains the "fruit of the poisonous tree" to Arpaio, Zullo and Mackiewicz at MCSO headquarters, October 18, 2013.
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The DEEP STATE loves pulling fast ones, just look what happened in Libya, years back. Today, the stakes are much HIGHER!
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SPOKEN Version on the Montagraph channel, within the Hour.
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The ENTIRE System is phkg JOKE! From the DOJ to the FBI right down to the Local Official. This is why so many people LAUGH at all these CLOWNS ...
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Bots continue to play and LEARN off of human desires and emotions, have we opened - PandoraBOTS?
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Poor Joel, steps in it again! When will AryanLIMPires understand, Sandy Hook was a FRAUD.... Montagraph ZeroThree QKultra MaxResistance Sandy Hook ...
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Out and about with Mr Amos and his Bit Chess.
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Anyone who wants to Rip & Flip, by my guest! George Webb Jason Goodman OctoberReignz Agent19 Anonymous Dave Acton Guccifer2 Wikileaks.
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Jason Goodman & George Webb are playing an elaborate game. I have identified, EXACTLY who Jason is and his background.