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Published in : 2015-08-04 | by karen gedney
What I believe will improve the world.
Published in : 2015-09-16 | by karen gedney
Prison doctor shares stories from the inside. The story of the silk underwear.
Published in : 2015-08-26 | by karen gedney
Thoughts from a prison doctor.
Published in : 2015-10-14 | by karen gedney
Prison doctor brings a unique story of an escape artist to light.
Published in : 2015-09-02 | by karen gedney
Prison doctor's reflections on being on the inside for almost 3 decades.
Published in : 2013-02-03 | by Claudia D. Hernandez
Marisa Urrutia Gedney is a writer and educator born in Los Angeles and after spending many important years in San Francisco, the sun called her home to family history and the backyards of LA....
Published in : 2015-08-18 | by karen gedney
Surviving 30 years as prison doctor.
Published in : 2017-07-27 | by MasteryPath
Debra Sofia Magdalene and Rachel Gedney share their own personal journeys of getting out of the rat race to create lives which allow freedom to travel and do work that they love. Learn how...
Published in : 2015-10-05 | by karen gedney
Prison doctor relates story of unique custody officer who was one of the first African American seals in the US.
Published in : 2015-09-30 | by karen gedney
Prison doctor shares unexpected HIV stories.