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Published in : 2019-04-03 | by gao lai yang
if you hear me crack or hear raspy sounds, its because im sick:(( also, sorry for not posting a lot, im still making a schedule. anyway, enjoy !!:))
Published in : 2019-02-26 | by gao lai yang
i was supposed to post this video on saturday but stuff came up unexpectedly so i had to edit last minute. hope you enjoy.
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Published in : 2017-04-07 | by 菩提禪修官方見證頻道Bodhi Meditation
Subtitle (English 、Traditional Chinese) Leaving the house used to be a source of suffering. His leg and back pain made traveling a burden. His pain is now a ...
Published in : 2019-03-14 | by Lai Chia Yang
a song I wrote for my loving mama. she's the best mom ever and I would never trade her for anyone else. I love you mama. I miss you. p.s. DEDICATE this song ...
Published in : 2016-05-06 | by E W
International Chinese Martial Arts Competition Pasadena Convention Center Intermediate Division: Silver Metal April 30, 2016.
Published in : 2016-09-09 | by Thanh Vu
2016 Puccini Texas Championship.
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Dibuat dengan Sing! Karaoke di Smule -