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Trump, Carly Fiorina & Lucent Technologies 9-17-15 NH Stock Price of Lucent Technologies: Before Carly Fiorina: $87 After Carly Fiorina: 25-cents This woman ...
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people laugh at the Bible..even knowing it has predicted unbeleivable predictions so far in the future noone knew what a Chip could even be...But over 2000 ...
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Video from a credit-card-sized DVD. Actual DVD shown in video thumbnail picture.
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This is a video about Lucent technologies describing its achievements in the field of Science and technologies.
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Aired June 6, 1998.
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There was once a great company called Lucent Technologies but it is gone now. If you worked there in 1999 or have friends who were employed by this ...
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This is a short example of some of the projects I worked on while at Lucent Technologies Microelectronics Group in the Art Services department in 1998.
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Senior tech analyst Eric Bleeker and chief technology officer Jeremy Phillips discuss the future prospects for Alcatel-Lucent, a popular stock. After the ...