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Teach US Kids to Program - Matt Hellinger In his article "Teach US Kids to Write Computer Programs", Douglas Rushkoff notes the following lay- man's analogy ...
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What is Hellinger Family Constellation Work? Interview with Amrita about the family Constellation work and its effects.
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PRIVATE COACHING w/Michael Sandler! [Book a FREE Strategy Session Today!] GET YOUR INSPIRE NATION ...
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How is your life influenced by past generations? This talk delves into a deeper connection that many people overlook between their past and that of their ...
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Can a wireless fish finder compete with a traditional unit? Josh and George from Pocono Outdoors Guy compare the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ and ...
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Jay interviews Xyleme's Mark Hellinger.
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To learn more about Systemic Family Constellations and this method's relevance for Americans, visit or ...
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Our well-being is tied to the well-being of our family system which includes the living, the dead, and generations that preceded us. It is about "honoring the ...
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I wanted to test my new microphone, so I decided to record something more useful than testing123. This is that recording. Not planned or scripted, but whatever.