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Message that Meher Baba gave on July 10th 1958, and stated it was for all, regardless of wheather one belives in Him or not. It is a message from God to ...
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Message given by Avatar Meher Baba in Meherabad at the 1955 Sahavas to His devotees gathered there.
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Avatar Meher Baba's book Life At Its Best was published in 1957. A small book of messages that Meher Baba composed over previous decades and gave out ...
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Story of Meher Baba's life told for children by the Meher English School, Meherabad, India Download the entire film here: ...
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How To Love God was a message Avatar Meher Baba delivered on September 12th 1954 in Ahmednagar India before 10000 people. In it, Meher Baba gives ...
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You Alone Exist Prayer by Meher Baba and Bhau Kalchuri desribing the infinite nature of God. Images of Meher Baba, the God-Man, Music by Jm Meyer ...
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Another except from the childrens film about the life story of Meher Baba.
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Meher Baba's 1932 Trip To America 47 Minutes. Shri Sadguru Meher Baba left England on May 19th 1932 aboard the German ocean-liner the S.S. Bremen ...
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Background on the Book Infinite Intelligence by Avatar Meher Baba.
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Virtual Darshan from Avatar Meher Baba's Samadhi in Meherabad India.