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Chant the sweet name of God...Meher Baba.
Published in : 2009-08-31 | by mischamuse
Images of Meher Baba with a song that is inspired by comments that various *masts made about him. (* Masts are God Intoxicated beings traversing the inner ...
Published in : 2010-04-04 | by mischamuse
Photographs of Meher Baba accompanied by song "I Am Everything". Julia Skiff composed this music using quotes from Baba. The song is © Sufism Reoriented.
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A 30 minute chant / meditation on the perfect name and visage of Avatar Meher Baba. The music and video by Mischa Rutenberg is © Sufism Reoriented 2015.
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Film of Meher Baba at Guruprasad taken by Mani and Behram in 1965-67. All film and photos ©Sheriar Foundation used by permission. The two song are ...
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Images of Avatar Meher Baba with the song "Nothing Above Him". Video & Music ©Sufism Reoriented 2011.
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Images of Avatar Meher Baba with the song "I Took it as a Sign". The lyric of this song is from the book "I Heard God Laughing" (Renderings of Hafiz) by Daniel ...
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Images of Avatar Meher Baba accompanied by a song with lyrics from a Francis Brabazon poem. The lyric is © Avatar's Abode. video and song © Sufism ...
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Photographs of Avatar Meher Baba accompanied by the song "In the Garden Where Beloved Walks". Composed and performed by Mischa Rutenberg. The song ...
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The song "It's You" sung with Baba's name and accompanied by photographs of Meher Baba and Mt. Diablo (California). The photographs of Mt. Diablo were ...