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Published in : 2015-09-15 | by Parabrama Ilahi
Louis van Gasteren's 1967 film of Meher Baba featuring previously unreleased footage of Baba. It includes digitally remastered footage of the original 1967 ...
Published in : 2012-07-22 | by timmer17
Based on the ground-breaking 1955 work, "God Speaks," The Theme of Creation is a comprehensive exploration of creation and evolution as revealed by the ...
Published in : 2015-08-02 | by Sheriar Books
The film I AM THE ONE REALITY was inspired by the discovery of rare and never-before-seen film footage of Meher Baba taken by Elizabeth Patterson in 1933, ...
Published in : 2008-12-28 | by oklahuma
Message that Meher Baba gave on July 10th 1958, and stated it was for all, regardless of wheather one belives in Him or not. It is a message from God to ...
Published in : 2015-04-23 | by Meher Filmworks
You Alone Exist.The complete original classic video from 2005 in full. Avatar Meher Baba's Prayer Poem describing the unlimited attributes of God. Music by Jim ...
Published in : 2018-06-17 | by Nick Battani
Raj Khilnani tells a story involving his mother and Meher Baba.
Published in : 2016-01-23 | by Parabrama Ilahi
Meher Baba ~ Human side of God (Srpski prevod)
Published in : 2018-06-20 | by mbeuroarch
Personal movies made by Don Stevens of Avatar Meher Baba during visits to India in 1958 and 1960. Compilation narrated by Don at his home in London.
Published in : 2018-08-16 | by Robin Vogel
Irwin talks about his first meeting with Meher Baba and about Baba's experience of being everyone in the whole universe.
Published in : 2007-06-17 | by patrick haveron
From a BBC documentary on the late Ronnie Lane, with contributions from Pete Townsend and The Who on the role the Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba ...