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Published in : 2016-08-07 | by The Doodle Chimp
The Missouri State Bird, also known as the Eastern Bluebird, is well known for being the song bird of the east. The beautiful male has bright blue feathers above, ...
Published in : 2016-06-08 | by Socratica
Learn all about Missouri, the “Show Me” state. From Kansas City in the west to St. Louis in the east, the 24th state is rich in American history. Our series of US ...
Published in : 2008-05-28 | by MObirds
A symbol of happiness and a friend to farmers, the bluebird is native to Missouri. With a distinctive red, white and blue coloring, the bluebird is easily recognized.
Published in : 2013-04-15 | by Taylor Karhoff
1. What is Missouri's state bird? 2. What are two states that surround Missouri? 3. What is the capitol of Missouri?
Published in : 2015-06-17 | by gman4634
The second clip in a series called "Birds of Missouri " beautiful close up footage of birds that live in your own backyard!
Published in : 2017-02-14 | by 41 Action News
Did you know the fiddle is the official musical instrument of Missouri?
Published in : 2015-02-27 | by Lew Scharpf
This video enables identification of common wintertime backyard feeder birds. It was designed for use by new and amateur birders. Visual characteristics and ...
Published in : 2014-02-24 | by gman4634
The first in the series of short clips of " Birds Of Missouri " Whats in your backyard?
Published in : 2014-10-10 | by Grow Missouri Music by: Jahzzar "Fireworks"