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See the History of all Mongolian States and Dynasty's every year. Disputed states are shown with a * after its name.
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In 1241 the Great Khan of the Rising mongol empire set the western regions of the empire to Batu Khan. This thus starts the the golden horde. See the rise and ...
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The Iranian peoples were originally a offset of the larger Indo European and Indo-Iranian family's. They would however relocate to Central Asia and expand onto ...
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See the Rise and Fall of the Hunnic Empire which in less then a century occupied large swaths of Europe and creating havoc upon millions.
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See the Rise and fall of a Largely Unknown Tibetian empire.
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Please watch: "Mapper Tag(Or known as that trend that died a couple of months ago)" ➨ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- The ...
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See the 1910 Qing invasion of Tibet. Please Like, share, and Subscribe to my channel for more.