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Map animation: EmperorTigerstar
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See the History of all Mongolian States and Dynasty's every year. Disputed states are shown with a * after its name.
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Mongolia is more than just the home of the Mongols and the great Genghis Khan. Here the old meets the new, in a wonderful confluence.
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See the Golden Age of Mongolian history as they expand across most of Asia and form a giant empire. --------------------------------- MUSIC: Antti martikainen - New ...
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It's the first episode! Yay!!
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History of Mongolia 70 like = next movie Two weeks = next movie.
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Stratfor explains how Mongolia's geographic isolation, lack of sea access and strong neighbors have affected its development. About Stratfor: Stratfor brings ...
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The Mongol Empire is one of the biggest empire in human history! Now is just a normal country.... Oops! Sorry I forgot year 1294.
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Off the Map: Mongolia - We go to Mongolia to witness the Naga tribe's way of life.
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See how quickly the Mongols were united under Genghis Khan and then strengthened enough to take on all of Asia and conquer one of history's largest empires ...