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Published in : 2012-11-01 | by finehomebuilding
Most finish carpenters probably use the full range of pneumatic nail guns, from pin nailers to heavy-gauge trim guns. But can the average carpenter or ...
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If you're hanging moldings and the nails keep blowing out the side of your trim stock, you could just swear a lot and keep your putty handy, but there's a better ...
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Fine Homebuilding's Special Issues Editor Chuck Miller is back with a great tip on capping the nipple on your pneumatic nailer in this episode of "There's a ...
Published in : 2013-09-13 | by finehomebuilding
If you've lost the cap for your pneumatic nailer, but want to keep the dust from building up and clogging the air line, try this simple tip.
Published in : 2009-10-30 | by finehomebuilding
Fine Homebuilding associate editor Chris Ermides uses some spare copper pipe and a foam earplug to construct a devilishly simple office assassin's weapon.
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Learn a few quick tips to frame any wall perfectly and quickly. Watch the rest of the Building Skill series at
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Begin with a joist hanger sized for your joists—this is typically marked on the packaging—along with the correct fasteners to use when installing. The joist hanger ...
Published in : 2013-09-13 | by finehomebuilding
Two creases and a quick slice with a knife are all it takes to make a piece of sandpaper last a lot longer.