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Published in : 2017-11-17 | by SphericalFilms
Neon Genesis Evangelion | Episode 4 (Live Reaction/Review) ➞ ANIME LIST: ➞ PATREON: ...
Published in : 2017-12-20 | by SphericalFilms
Neon Genesis Evangelion | Episode 15 (Live Reaction/Review) USE THIS LINK TO GET $5 OFF YOUR FIRST LOOTCRATE PURCHASE ...
Published in : 2013-12-31 | by Digibro After Dark
Part one of a podcast in which myself and my friend Idylia discuss Neon Genesis Evangelion on an episode-to-episode basis. 19:10 is where Episode 2 starts.
Published in : 2015-09-27 | by Otaku Gonzo Journalism
Asuka Langley Sohryu changes everything about the tone and character of Evangelion with her arrival in episode eight--but why, and how? Answers here. Also ...
Published in : 2006-06-12 | by BeethovenLives
Work safe, just a secen I found so hilarious from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Episode 16.
Published in : 2014-12-31 | by SoDA
Published in : 2007-07-13 | by Zaisuro
Pretty Much The Nail That Closes The Coffin On Asuka's Psyche. Episode 22 Director's Cut.
Published in : 2010-07-15 | by popimpi
"Shinji begins school at Tokyo-3 and meets classmates Toji Suzuhara, Kensuke Aida, and Hikari Horaki. Toji is upset with Shinji because his sister was badly ...
Published in : 2015-01-29 | by Facundo Bosicovich
Audio Jap , sub esp. Recorte del capitulo 19 de Neon Genesis Evangelion, en el que el Eva 01 entra en modo berserk.