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Published in : 2017-08-12 | by American Eye
From trolls under bridges to an abandoned nuclear waste site. Here are Strangest places in Washington state SUBSCRIBE TO AMERICAN EYE FOR MORE ...
Published in : 2017-11-23 | by American Eye
From random facts about some of the craziest insects to the amount to strange psychological syndromes here are 17 strange facts Subscribe to American EYE!
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From the US government potentially hiding aliens at Area 51, to lies about landing on the moon, here are 8 insane secrets the government is hiding. Subscribe ...
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From the GRAND Canyon, to the little known eerie black hills, these are 10 Sacred Native American Places ! Subscribe to American Eye 5.
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There's still a lot that is unknown about the north American territory it's filled with ancient artefacts and mysterious mummies Subscribe to American Eye ...
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From the million dollar Atari Video Game stash, to the most remote PRADA store in the world, these are 14 STRANGEST Things Found in American Deserts !
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From places where strange experiments are going on, to some suspicious places censored on google maps, here are places your not supposed to know about.
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From amazing tropical locations, to the deep crack found in Arizona, these are 18 Photos of the STRANGEST Geological Formations ! Subscribe to American ...
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Dogs are humans first ally as another species of animal and we rely on each other more than you might realize. They've been trained to do unbelievable things ...