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Film about the building of the Hale Telescope. Includes footage of E. Hubble, M. Humason, B. Rule, R. Porter, M. Mason, J. Anderson, M. Brown, L. DuBridge, ...
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Introduction to the history and science of Palomar Observatory.
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A quick summary of the Palomar Observatory. Many thanks to CaptainCaustic and Palomarskyguy for helping set this up. It was greatly appreciated.
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Driving to Palomar Observatory on State Highway 76 and South Grade Road. South Grade Road starts from the 1:11 mark.
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Palomar Mountain Observatory.
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The process of recoating the 200-inch mirror of Palomar Observatory's Hale Telescope. Filmed over 3 work days. This process is done every 2 or 3 years.
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1st tour of the season on May 26th at the Palomar Observatory, weather was sunny but windy, at 41F. Had not expected it to be so windy that day, and cold too ...
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Palomar Observatory Evening Tour, Jason Sophia, Janice ToORiMa.
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Palomar Camp-Out Meetup Event April 17-19, 2015 WHAT AN AWESOME WEEKEND!!! About midafternoon on Friday, 4/17, the group met up and headed out ...
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Meet the filmmakers and watch clips of the award-winning PBS documentary which tells the remarkable life story of astrophysicist George Ellery Hale as he ...