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Books Mentioned: The Iliad by Homer Other Epic Cycle poems: The Odyssey, The Cypria (also spelled Kypria), The Little Iliad The Myrmidons by Aeschylus The ...
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Clip from Troy, by request. From the original version of the movie, NOT the Extended Director's Cut. See the Director's Cut version under "video responses."
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In this scene, the Mirmidons went into the battle against the troyans on the beach. Everybody thought Achilles was fighting but it was his cousin Patroclus.
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Troy - Achilles and Patroclus [1080p Blu-Ray] ᴴᴰ.
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During battle Hector duels a man he believes to be Achilles and cuts his throat, only to discover it was actually Patroclus HD movie scene from the Director's Cut ...
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Hector Kills Patroclus - Fight Scene (8/13) - Troy (2004) - Movie CLIP HD Full Movie Link - Troy (2004) Fair use. Copyright Disclaimer ...
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Troy - Phtia - Achilles & Patroclus and Odysseus [1080p Blu-Ray] ᴴᴰ Odysseus trying to convince Achilles to take part in a war.
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Two parts from the movie of Troy. First part is Achilles and his cousin and King Odysseus. Second part is Achilles and Patroclus. I love this parts : )
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From the movie Troy. I do not own any of this contain. Achilles buries his cousin after the later was killed by Hector of Troy.