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Published in : 2016-02-08 | by mick maus
Learn to programming visually, using the free language Processing! [] I'm aiming for these video tutorials to be quick and informative, but ...
Published in : 2016-04-25 | by The Coding Train
In this challenge, I attempt to code a simulation of "purple rain" Processing. p5.js version at the link below!
Published in : 2015-07-24 | by The Coding Train
This video takes a broad look at programming languages in the context of "Creative Coding". ...
Published in : 2015-07-14 | by The Coding Train
This video demonstrates how to use and write your first lines of code in the Processing IDE. Support this channel on Patreon: ...
Published in : 2012-06-25 | by Creators
For Casey Reas, software is the most natural medium to work with. He uses code to express his thoughts—starting with a sketch, composing it in code, and ...
Published in : 2016-04-13 | by The Coding Train
This is the first in a new series: coding challenges! In this video I attempt to program a "star field" or "warp speed" visualization in Processing.
Published in : 2017-11-22 | by CrashCourse
Today we're going to talk about how computers understand speech and speak themselves. As computers play an increasing role in our daily lives there has ...
Published in : 2015-07-24 | by The Coding Train
This video shows how to divide a program into modular pieces with functions. (Note this video was shot in Fall 2012) Book: Learning Processing A Beginner's ...
Published in : 2017-10-15 | by Learn By Watch Subscribe Learn By Watch Programming for future live streams to learn programming.
Published in : 2019-02-08 | by The Coding Train
An attempt to simulate the "Bouncing DVD Logo" (aka "DVD Screensaver") meme in JavaScript with the p5.js library.