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Published in : 2009-02-06 | by medianmusic
Some say the world will end in a fire some say in ice from what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favour fire. But if it had to perish twice I think I know ...
Published in : 2010-04-07 | by medianmusic
Music by medianmusic.
Published in : 2009-10-20 | by medianmusic
Published in : 2008-12-06 | by medianmusic
Musik nach Gedicht von Robert Lee Frost! "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and sorry I could not travel both..."
Published in : 2009-02-16 | by medianmusic
The great overdog that heavenly beast with a star in one eye gives a leap in the east. He dances upright all the way to the west and never once drops on his ...
Published in : 2008-11-21 | by medianmusic
Lied nach dem Gedicht des amerikanischen Schriftstellers Robert Lee Frost!
Published in : 2009-11-08 | by medianmusic
Words: Robert Lee Frost, Music: medianmusic.
Published in : 2008-11-18 | by medianmusic
Gedicht von Robert Lee Frost - von mir zum Lied gemacht...
Published in : 2009-11-10 | by medianmusic
Original music made to the poem of Robert Frost.
Published in : 2013-12-29 | by medianmusic
former interpretor: Nat King Cole.