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Family At Picnic. Father Uses Tableware To Build Model Of Chevrolet, Showing Center Point Steering, Springs & Shackles, Shock Absorbers & Ventilation ...
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Facts on Friction.
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A Dramatization Of The Cooling System Of The Automobile, Showing How The Water Circulates Around The Cylinders, Cooling Them And In Turn Being Cooled ...
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Motorists really ride on a film of oil, because all the moving parts of the engine are kept slipping over each other by a thin film of oil.
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Diesel Engine Governors Operation Of Diesel Engine Governors, Overspeed, Overspeed Trip And Regulating Governors.
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Thrill Driver's Choice (1956)
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Studies In Streamlining From The Days Of Horatio Phillips To Modern Times. Evolution Of Automobile From Its Beginning To Present Streamlined Shape Is ...
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In 1942 Walt Disney made this film for Lockheed & the National Film Board of Canada.
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Hhow the term 'horsepower' came to be applied to mechanical devices is made clear in this picture, & an explanation of how the modern motorcar can hold the ...