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Published in : 2019-01-30 | by Kwangwoon University 3D Making Group, K3MG
Making Of of the short horror movie Got You. The stereoscopic 3D movie was made during the Seminar On Social Sciences, written, produced and directed by ...
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Education facilitating learning acquisition of knowledge skills values habits. Educational methods storytelling discussion teaching training directed research.
Published in : 2013-10-10 | by Alecia Jackson
Homework project set for A2 Sociology on Functionalism and Religion.
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first chapter.
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Fun science experiments with Ryan from Ryan ToysReview! Live from YouTube LA in VR180. Subscribe to my channel for more: Outtakes ...
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3 Skincare Smoothies For Beautiful Skin and A Healthy Body! Watch this video in youtube 180/360. You can watch this Virtual Reality stereoscopic view with ...
Published in : 2017-10-07 | by The Guardian
Everyday situations can be stressful for those on the autism spectrum. Step into the shoes of 16-year-old Layla as she attends a birthday party. Hear her inner ...
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Economics; Economic Problem; Economic System; Production Possibility curve; Demand; Elasticity of Demand; Elastic; Inelastic & Unit Elastic Demand; Cross; ...