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What do objectivity, aesthetics and design all have in common? Beauty! Mark is a seasoned leader of product teams, with experience in consumer electronics, ...
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Subject : FINE ARTS Course Name : B. A. Keyword : Swayamprabha.
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From the Uselessness of Art to the Use of Art and Part Way Back Again. Nicholas Wolterstorff is the Noah Porter Professor Emeritus of Philosophical Theology at ...
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Jordan B Peterson (born June 12, 1962) is a Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. This is part of his Biblical ...
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Michel Foucault was a philosophical historian who questioned many of our assumptions about how much better the world is today compared with the past.
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Plato was one of the world's earliest and possibly greatest philosophers. He matters because of his devotion to making humanity more fulfilled. For gifts and ...
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Mark Johnson, Knight Professor of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Oregon (Feb 20, 2007 at Middlebury College, Rohatyn Center for International Affairs)
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Architecture and pleasure from the aesthetics of the common beauty icons. Slavoj Zizek, University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). Filmed Thursday, June 10, 2010.
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Today we transition between units on language and aesthetics with a discussion of nonexistent and imaginary objects. Is it possible to make true assertions ...
Published in : 2010-03-07 | by European Graduate School Video Lectures Martin Hielscher speaking about the aesthetic theory of Theodor W. Adorno, the need for an aesthetic theory, relevance, the truth content of ...