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Destroying Marriage & the Family: An Essential Principle in the Culture of Death. Homily from 2008 before the election on the culture of death in our land.
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Christ has the primacy in all things, including death! He lay down His life on His own first. Historically, He did so at the First Mass (Last Supper). Sacramentally ...
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Britney Maynard suicide story. Showing how sinners like to die versus how saints die. Keep in mind that many rarely go to heaven or hell alone...the saints take ...
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Series of talks on the 4 Last Things. As always we start with Death. For more sermons & lectures please visit & remember to do the ...
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2013 Lenten Mission given by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea Day1: Death Help support Fr. Isaac's mission by visiting:
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What is the history of evolution? Why is it important to know what freemasonry is in regards to evolution? Why do modern folks today follow theistic evolution.
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Originally Broadcast in 1966.
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Marian Conference 2010
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What happens after we die? What should we expect? Fr speaks on the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas for this. For more by Fr Kauth please visit ...
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On praying for perseverance for a happy death. Why is that important? How can you do that? Why should you die in a state of grace? What is heaven? Is heaven ...