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Published in : 2017-11-20 | by CrashCourse
What's the difference between race and ethnicity? Today we'll look at how definitions of races and ethnicities have changed over time and across places.
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We can't talk about race without also discussing racism, so today we are going to define and explain prejudice, stereotypes, and racism. We'll look at five ...
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The "doll test" is a psychological experiment designed in the 1940s in the USA to test the degree of marginalization felt by African American children caused by ...
Published in : 2012-04-05 | by CNN
In part two of Anderson Cooper's special report, kids give honest feedback on racial and social issues.
Published in : 2012-04-03 | by CNN
Anderson Cooper details a study that seeks to gain insight into the way black and white children perceive each other.
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What is culture? How do we define it and how does it change? We'll explore different categories of culture, like low culture, high culture, and sub-cultures.
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How do different societies establish a social hierarchy? Today we're starting our unit on social stratification, starting with four basic principles of a sociological ...
Published in : 2017-10-03 | by Catholic News Service
Bishop George V. Murry of Ohio describes incident where he is belittled because of the color of his skin and urges people to root their behavior in faith traditions.
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This is chapter 3. Watch the full lecture at: Download the full lecture right now from iTunes at ...