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Swami Rama commentary on Ishopanishad, Lecture 1 of 7. The Ishopanishad has 18 verses, is one of the shortest of the Upanishads, and is also one of the ...
Published in : 2012-01-30 | by swamiramahimalayas
The first sentence of this lecture by Swami Rama is "I will systematically explain to you the entire method of meditation." By watching this 84-minute presentation ...
Published in : 2012-03-14 | by SRCindia
Video documentary about Swami Rama's life and works.
Published in : 2018-03-12 | by Abhyasa Ashram
How to Sleep and do Sex by Swami Rama (YS5#16) Excerpts from Yoga Sutras Lectures by Swami Rama WEBSITE: LIST of CORE ...
Published in : 2016-11-30 | by MrVikas07
Swami Rama is explaining the method of meditation and sharing his experience on living in Himalayas.
Published in : 2016-09-12 | by ONLY TRUTH
Śrī Swāmī Rāma (1925–1996) was an Indian yógī. Several Indian yogis have influenced Westerners including Swami Vivekananda, Ramkrishna Paramhansa, ...
Published in : 2010-10-02 | by loginitin
Swami Rama relates an incident with his Master explaining the powers of human mind and Mantra.
Published in : 2016-10-19 | by SRCindia
An informal talk with Swami Rama on meditation.
Published in : 2019-04-16 | by SRCindia
Excerpt from the lecture: In this hour-long lecture recorded live in 1978, Swami Rama talks about healing - healing yourself and healing others. He talks about ...