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Published in : 2015-10-08 | by Vman
School's been kicking my butt, but finally, here's my playthrough with Takeda. Still prefer Lasher, but I thought I'd show off Shirai Ryu. Kotal Kahn is up next.
Published in : 2015-09-26 | by Vman
Takeda is the next person I picked up. Here's what I found with him with all his variations. I started some of these off with either an overhead or a low starter to ...
Published in : 2017-04-30 | by Vman
Bnbs, combos, and swag from your 3 favorite Takeda players as we stray away from MKX and get closer to Injustice 2. Inputs (1=Square/X, 2=Triangle/Y, 3=X/A, ...
Published in : 2015-09-28 | by Vman
This a casual set between my Lasher Takeda and Compbros' Spec Ops Cassie. Clearly a lot that I need to work on. Need to stop doing the F1, 2, 2+4 so much.
Published in : 2016-01-29 | by Vman
And here's the set with Scar and I for qualifying Top 8, which means no more shaky cam vids after this. Hopefully at the next one I go to, more of my matches will ...
Published in : 2016-01-20 | by Vman
Sadly, none of my matches during Top 32/16 of KiT were streamed due to some scheduling issues. Luckily, my friend Compbros recorded them all on his phone.
Published in : 2016-01-23 | by Vman
This was the set between me and Critical Reaction's Whiteboi, a godlike Jason player. Scar will be up next and then that's it for the shaky camera vids.
Published in : 2016-01-22 | by Vman
This was the first set I played when I made Top 32, before I had to play F0xy. This one is against Atai, a really skilled Kitana player. Compbros had to pause ...
Published in : 2017-03-06 | by Vman
I hate this white bitch, but I love you guys. So enjoy.
Published in : 2015-06-12 | by Vman
Because Slasher is too mainstream. Hope you guys enjoy!