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What is a CSRP meeting? Today, I'm discussing what is a Child Support Review Process negotiation conference, or CSRP meeting. Please remember all ...
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Almost every lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's Child support division is filed in what's called the IV-D Court. Also known as simply “child support court,” IV-D ...
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Listen as I explain how child support is properly calculated in Texas. 281-350-4104.
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Amen Osiris proves that Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton is constitutionally obligated to keep child support from collecting from you!
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If you owe a significant back child support arrears balance, you may one day be served with a lawsuit for enforcement of your obligation. Like many Issues in life, ...
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Attorney General Ken Paxton, like his predecessor Governor Abbott, has often talked about how good Texas is in child support enforcement. Under AG Paxton ...
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Is Greg Abbott's child support division, negligent, over burdened or merely held hostage to a inefficient court system. One man just wants the child support ...
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I'm not a lawyer, I do not practice law. My videos are for educational purposes only... If you need help getting your case dismissed email me ...