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Almost every lawsuit filed by the Attorney General's Child support division is filed in what's called the IV-D Court. Also known as simply “child support court,” IV-D ...
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You can see the relevant law from the Texas family code chapter 233 regarding CSRPs down below: ...
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If you owe a significant back child support arrears balance, you may one day be served with a lawsuit for enforcement of your obligation. Like many Issues in life, ...
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The Texas Attorney General (AG) is the chief law enforcement officer and acts as the attorney for the state of Texas. The AG makes decisions that impact the ...
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1) Get pregnant and have a baby. 2) Once the baby is born, get rid of the father. 3) Get child support money by using a state-appointed, free attorney to sue the ...
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For more information and news about child support, as well as divorce, visit Transcript: Unpaid child support on a rise in Texas ...
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Texas Attorney General messes up and tries to get dad to pay child support owed by mom.
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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has spent years improving the lives and safety of Texans.
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While Texas rolls out the new penalty to get people to pay, some parents say – the system is tough to navigate.
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