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Published in : 2016-02-17 | by KET - Kentucky Educational Television
In this excerpt from "Kentucky Life," we learn more about Kentucky's role in the War of 1812. In the Battle of the Thames, U.S. forces led by William Henry ...
Published in : 2018-11-29 | by Russell Yost The Battle of the Thames was a decisive American victory against the British and their Native American allies.
Published in : 2018-02-28 | by mustbefunny *
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Published in : 2013-12-31 | by Ontario Visual Heritage Project
The 6th free clip from "A Desert Between Us & Them", a documentary series about the impact of the War of 1812 on Southwestern Ontario. This clip outlines the ...
Published in : 2016-06-16 | by Robert Mugabe
Admiral Farage leads his forces into battle against Bob "fuck the fishermen" Geldof.
Published in : 2013-03-07 | by Historycentral
After the American victory at Lake Erie, forces crossed the lake into Canada on October 5, 1813 at what became known as the Battle of Thames. British forces ...
Published in : 2013-12-16 | by Cpl. Gadway USMC
One of Detroit frontier's most decisive battles.
Published in : 2013-12-16 | by Cpl. Gadway USMC
German speaking Americans fight the British and their indian counterparts. Charge of the Light Brigade 1813.
Published in : 2019-06-25 | by Timeline - World History Documentaries
This fascinating documentary takes us back to the early days of the Thames barge matches when they started in 1863 - the second oldest sailing competition in ...
Published in : 2016-06-15 | by GeenStijl
We don't like you, Bob Geldof.