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Extra interview footage from Simon Oliver from the Sixty Symbols video about Isaac Newton. Main video is at ...
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A compilation of sound check questions, during which the film-maker usually asks interviewees what they ate for breakfast. These were all interviews with ...
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LEAVE A COMMENT - we love comments on videos like this! :) Dr Simon Oliver explains how theologians reconcile creation and science - and how the Bible ...
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More from theology experts about the Book of Acts, the fifth book of the New Testament.
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Second part is not yet uploaded... Theologian Pete Watts (University of Nottingham) discusses the new Russell Crowe movie. Bibledex:
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Here's a taste of what's to come on Bibledex, where we'll be posting a video about every book of the Bible, explained by theologians from The University of ...
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Some extras clips from theologians about the book of Jonah. Our full Jonah video is at
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Extra chapters and verses were added to Esther to make the book "more theological". See more videos at
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This apocryphal book, written by a man named Jesus, is another example of wisdom literature. The book is known by various names, including Ecclesiasticus.
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Do unto others... What is the golden rule and where does it come from? More from Bibledex at On Twitter at ...