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Published in : 2018-06-21 | by Theosophical Society
Presented on June 14, 2018 Join inter-dimensional communicator Atala Toy as she presents an alternate reality supported by photographic documentation, ...
Published in : 2018-05-08 | by Theosophical Classics
This third series of 4 programs on "Living Theosophy" addresses the question of who are the Masters or Adepts mentioned in Theosophical literature?
Published in : 2019-04-10 | by Theosophical Society
Presented on April 4, 2019 People who are guided by their souls are destined to bring spiritual light to humanity. Around the world, spiritually minded people are ...
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Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn, O.T.O. , Theosophical Society , Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim, Masonic connection. Originally made by ...
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Published in : 2014-12-16 | by Theosophical Society
The Essenes, a mysterious group that flourished around the time of Christ, have been the source of much curiosity. Were they the adepts that taught Jesus?
Published in : 2018-09-26 | by Universal Co-Masonry Did the Theosophical movement of the early 20th century influence modern Freemasonry?
Published in : 2016-09-01 | by Theosophical Society Webinars
This 7-part series is based on the book “Deity, Cosmos and Man” by Geoffrey Farthing. At Home with Theosophy is a webinar program presented by Pablo ...
Published in : 2014-10-18 | by Theosophical Society
Annie Besant was a passionate advocate of the Third Object of the TS, which involves the exploration of unknown laws of nature and the spiritual powers latent ...
Published in : 2012-09-19 | by KrotonaArchives Book trailer for Volume 6 of the Krotona Series: Krishnamurti's Departure from the Theosophical Society.