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Presented on April 4, 2012 Part One of the Living Theosophy series on "The Origin and Constitution of Our Cosmos." Available as part of a 4-DVD set at: ...
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My Insta Profile Link - Th English Version of the video can be found at - The ...
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To Do or Merely to Read and Know? The Theosophical Society as Lesemysterium and Purveyor of Practical Occult Development John Patrick DEVENEY ...
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This documentary explores the international Theosophical Society in Adyar, Chennai, India; and examines some of the reasons that founders H. P. Blavatsky ...
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Tim Boyd, international president of The Theosophical Society, introduces viewers to the many activities and services available at Adyar. 2016.
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This recently updated documentary celebrates over 135 years of Theosophy in America, beginning with the early history of the Theosophical Society, and ...
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Theosophical society is a mysterious location in chennai adyar. Those who visit besant nagar elliots beach can easily visit this location, since it is very near to ...
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The term "Akashic Records" was a term coined by 19th century Theosophists to refer to impressions of past events that are said to exist on non-physical planes.
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The Chakras, with Nayaswami Asha - Guest Lecture at the Theosophical Society, Hamilton, New Zealand - April 26, 2015.