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Published in : 2015-10-29 | by CNN
Rachael Farrokh, who is battling anorexia, has made an amazing recovery and is now working to help others.
Published in : 2017-02-02 | by CNN
Connie Inglis is sharing her fight against anorexia on social media and inspiring others to take control of their struggles with eating disorders.
Published in : 2011-11-11 | by CNN
Model Adriana Lima's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show diet lands her on 360's RidicuList.
Published in : 2013-04-04 | by CNN
Former fashion editor Kirstie Clements reveals secrets on what models do to stay thin.
Published in : 2015-05-22 | by CNN
Rachael Farrokh is 5'7" and weighs 40 pounds. After battling anorexia for 10 years, she posted a plea for help on social media.
Published in : 2012-03-27 | by CNN
Israel has become the first country to legislate minimum weights for fashion models. CNN's Matthew Chance reports.
Published in : 2016-04-07 | by CNN
Regulators in Britain have banned a Gucci ad due to a model that appears to be "unhealthily thin."
Published in : 2014-02-24 | by CNN
Paulina Pinsky talks to CNN's Kate Bolduan about her seven-year struggle with an eating disorder.
Published in : 2014-07-10 | by CNN
Supermodel, actress and activist Lesley Lawson, also known as Twiggy, speaks about the "extraordinary" sixties decade.
Published in : 2015-02-26 | by CNN
Mirjana Puhar, a contestant on "America's Next Top Model," was found dead in a triple homicide in Charlotte, North Carolina.