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Published in : 2018-07-20 | by CallMeCarson
Altrive stored up weird and cursed images of toilets for months by my request, and this video is the result. ♢ People in the video ♢ Altrive ...
Published in : 2016-03-23 | by Kameron Terrell
Published in : 2011-09-04 | by Commodes
just your standard office building bathroom Twitter:
Published in : 2016-12-13 | by Wacky Universe
Who would have thought that people would take the normal everyday toilet and create it into something CRAZY? Here are 21 of the most unbelievable toilets.
Published in : 2016-05-01 | by Random Crap
Documentary filmed for BBC Four. Originally filmed in 2012. All copyright credited to BBC.
Published in : 2009-11-06 | by TheAbnormalApe
Just Do It:
Published in : 2018-05-12 | by BRIGHT SIDE
The thought of sitting on the toilet seat in a public restroom strikes fear in most people because we see them as dirty scary places full of dangerous bacteria that ...
Published in : 2017-11-24 | by Tiger Productions
Just look at these funny cats, they are so funny in bathrooms! They destroy toilet paper, pee and poop in toilets like humans, drink from toilets,... So ridiculous ...
Published in : 2016-04-05 | by F r e e l e e
I stopped using toilet paper ages ago and got a bumgun instead! You can also use a drink bottle to pour down there and get squeaky clean, cleaner than you ...
Published in : 2016-04-05 | by Kameron Terrell